Responsible public Governance : an authentic and universal alternative for more efficient human and ethical public services
Dr. Stéphane Monney Mouandjo GD. CAFRAD Yaoundé May 2017

 "Together, we will continue the harmonization of our reform programmes and projects with the current international dynamics, while maintaining and preserving the African authenticity elements. It is of cardinal necessity for CAFRAD to affirm and assume its identity and its full and unwavering universality"

Ladies and gentlemen, dear friends of CAFRAD in Africa and beyond

A year has passed now since you have chosen to entrust unto us the reins of this great and beautiful institution now 51 years old.

Together, we have worked hard, to gradually give back to our institution, the place it deserves in the constellation of international bodies in charge of public governance, training and administrative and institutional reforms geared towards development.

The organization of the 11th Pan-African Forum on the Modernization of Public Administration and Governance and the 53rd Meeting of CAFRAD’s Governing Board, allowed us to realize the work done as well as the many challenges yet to be met by us in order to give to our institution its true place.

The presence of numerous participants from our member countries as well as non-member countries in Africa and elsewhere, joined by about thirty international organizations and representatives of the international civil societies, along with private organizations, is indeed an unequivocal testimony of the important role that our institution can play in supporting necessary and indispensable transformations currently underway in Africa and the world in general.

The discussions surrounding the forum around Responsible Public Governance (RPG) demonstrated the will of Africa and the institutions present at this meeting, to deepen the reflection around various modes of organization and governance in Africa and worldwide.

They have especially given the evidence of the will and the capacity of Africa and African institutions to help build and to build for themselves an authentic thought of governance and its public administrations that are capable of enriching the debate around various issues that may arise there-from in our continent or elsewhere.

This is the meaning of our commitment today and this is our vision. To build Africa from an African thought built in Africa, by Africans and with Africans, in close collaboration with partners around the world. This is, for us, the materialization of the famous ''Appointment of giving and receiving'' to which we are all invited and to which we are all firmly attached.

The coming months will be an opportunity to continue in this direction. With current and future partners, we intend to continue the patient work, but no less decisive, of the modest but profound contribution to building an effective, transformative and ameliorative governance of public administrations of our continent.

In pursuit of our vision, several partnerships have been concluded in recent months. Others are at various stages of negotiation. Also many high-level training courses are now available, only awaiting the participation of our countries, our public and private administrations and enterprises to benefit from them. It is together that we will succeed in this mutation, it is together that we will succeed in this bet.

With the private sector, we intend to support decisively the economic emergence of our continent. Thus, in the coming months, it will be established within CAFRAD, a Pan-African Business Forum, with the collaboration of international partners. It will be an opportunity to bring together enterprises from Africa and the world and particularly SMEs to provide new opportunities for exchange and sharing in order to better accompany the ongoing economic changes in our continent.

At the scientific level, researches and studies will be brought up to date to enable our institution to truly become the sound box of new African ideas for Africa and its development. The first fruits of this work will be available during the next year.

Together, we will continue the harmonization of our reform programmes and projects with the current international dynamics, while maintaining and preserving the African authenticity elements. It is of cardinal necessity for CAFRAD to affirm and assume its identity and its full and unwavering universality.

That is why we think that, eventually, our institution will profoundly change both in terms of its form and of its missions. To do this, it will need and is in need of the support of all member and non-member States as well as multiform partners who today believe in Africa and in its future.

It is our responsibility now to build this transition. Let's do it with courage, in faithfulness to the vision of our elders and in respect of our history and destiny that we are called upon to serve and build with honor, but also in profound humility. Therefore, Member States are invited to assume their annual commitment as they expressed it during the last Governing Board.

It is also the occasion to welcome the presence and the support of the Government of the Kingdom of Morocco, that of the International partner Organizations, the African Development Bank, the African Capacity Building Foundation (ACBF) and all current and potential other public and private partners whose key role will make CAFRAD a strong institution capable of coping with the many current and impending challenges of our continent.


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